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300mm Optical Cobweb Lens RYG LED traffic Signal Head
Model: JD300-3-FM31(TYPE15)
Housing Material:GE UV resistance PC or Die-casting Aluminium
Working Voltage:12/24VDC; 85-265VAC @ 50HZ/60HZ
Working Temperature:-40℃~+80℃
LED Qty:91(pcs)
Certifications:CE(EN12368,LVD,EMC), ISO9001, ISO14001,IP55

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Product functions and features:

1.With COBWEB LENS to keep brightness uniformity.
2.High light transmittance,the lights are accorded to chroma standard,the products can work well even one led is broken.
3.Supper high brightness LED,Powered by constant voltage and current to reduce Led degradation.
4.More than 10 years life span of the completed lights,Anti-Vibration,resistance to wind load>145km/h
6.Been tested and approved by Traffic Products Test Center of the ministry of Public Security,and be accorded with GB14887-2011.
7.Double seal,IP grade:IP55.

Technical Parameters:

DiameterModelType CodeColorQty of LEDLuminance or
Light Intensity
WavelengthPowerInput Voltage
Working Temperature-40℃~+80℃
Outside MaterialPC or Aluminum

Installation illustration:

Size of LED Countdown Meter
Diagram of Accessor ies:
Led Traffic Signal  light

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