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300mm Small Lens Red Yellow Green LED Traffic Light
Model :JD300-3-FM31(TYPE09)
Housing material:GE UV resistance PC or Die-casting Aluminium
Working voltage :12VDC, 24VD, 85-265VAC @50HZ/60HZ
Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
LED Qty:168(pcs)

CE(LVD, EMC) , EN12368, ISO9001, ISO14001, IP55

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ø300mmLuminous(cd)Assemblage PartsEmission  ColorLED QuantityWavelength(nm)Visual  AnglePower Consumption
>400Red Full BallRed168(pcs)625±56030≤11W
>400Yellow Full BallYellow168(pcs)590±56030≤11W
>600Green Full BallGreen168(pcs)505±56030≤8W

Packing Info:

ø3 00mm (12 inch) LED Traffic Lights
Packing Size:QuantityNet Weight.(kg):Gross Weight (kg):WrapperVolume(m3):
1.23*0.42*0.22m1 pcs/carton box10.5212.5K=K Carton0.114

Packing List:

Lamp:L- BracketVisorDecorative BoardM4X10 ScrewM4X20 ScrewInstructionCertificate

Installation illustration:


Vertical installation method:Horizontal installation method:
led traffic lightled traffic signal
LED Traffic Lights Connect Sketch:

traffic light conect sketch

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