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 Innovative Technology, Colorful Life. Stable Products, Safety Traffic !
Responsible corporate governance is very important to Fama(Chevy Light). To achieve this, the management and control of the corporation aims at creating a working environment which promotes integrity, respect and responsible behaviour, in order to create enduring values.
Spirit of Company: Pursue Premier Quality with Technology Innovation.
Concept of Company: Faithfulness, Effectiveness, Innovation, Practical ,Teamwork.
We have a passion for what we do and we believe you will see this from our products, our service and our team. With innovation bearing in our heart, we make continuous efforts to challenge convention. Through fresh thinking, we are always the first to seize the initiative in the market. Even as we’ve grown to be a top-ten provider, we have stayed innovative; striving to create our next advance. This makes sure that you will always be supplied with the latest products of the market. We, fully understanding that core technology are a part of Chevy Light, devote much time to work in partnership with experts. Staff in our company all work with down-to-earth spirit and try their hardest to solve every problem of customers with utmost patience. Individuals are part of the team and can only survive in the tough competition of today’s world after good cooperation with team members. Employees in our company are possessed with cooperative spirit and ready to help colleagues at any time.
Future Expand
On the basis of enterprise's culture of creating benefits,achieving goals, establishing system and cultivating staff, Chevy Light devotes much human resources and R&D fees to develop our new products for the purpose of meeting the market needs. With the development of ultra bright LEDs,we mainly develop LED Traffic Lights, Traffic Signal, Countdown Meter, Intelligent Traffic Controller, Solar Traffic Lights, Acoustic Pedestrian Device, Driveway Signal Lights for Toll Station and so on. In the recent years,the opto market has seen more and more tense competition. Chevy Light will be bound to survive the tense competition relying on reasonable price, best quality and punctual delivery. Besides, to replace the conventional lights as an goal, Chevy Light are actively expanding the market by developing vehicle traffic light, road safety light and signs etc. We are keeping forging ahead to be the biggest LED Traffic Lights maker in the world.

We are pursuing our dream of building “Chevy Light ” into a world-renowned company and brand in the field of Intelligent traffic applications.

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Shenzhen: 4F North, Building C, Fenda High-tech Park, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China. 518126

Yangzhou: No 209, Tongxin East Rode, Wu'an town, Gaoyou, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China. 225600




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