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LED Traffic Lights Guarantee:
1.We guarantee that the equipment we provide are brand new, complete and unused.
2. In order to support the operation and maintenance of the contracted equipments, the technical materials we provided are complete, clear and correct.
3. At least 2 Year Quality Guarantee.

LED Traffic Lights Pre-sale service:
When the customers need to design schemes, please call us. Our design personnel will provide professional technical schemes for free based on the detailed investigation and study on the construction site and product design.

Traffic Signal Light After-sell service:
Service principles: response in time, solve problems as soon as possible and ensure the use.
1. Two or Three -Year quality warranty with lifelong maintenance
2. Free guarantee repair (including labor and material): free for repair service in Quality warranty period and reasonable charge for spare parts and maintaining service after the quality warranty period. We will never exempt our responsibilities on product owned defects. After Maintenance period, only charge the material costs fees, free of manual work fees.
3. Responding time: upon receiving user's notification, we ensure 24-hour after-sales technical support. please contact with Our company by Website Online Service, phone and fax, we will response as soon as possible, and Reply in 24 hours. In order to shorten the maintenance time, our company will deploy some spare parts such as power and chips etc.
4. Spare parts: necessary spare parts are provided together with products to customers.
5. Free technical training: integrative and normative technology training is available for free to technical personnel from customer and to ensure trainees to be skilled in regular operation of hardware and software of products and be able to estimate and solve small problems.
6. Regular maintenance, revisit, enquiry for comments, improvement. Telephone Investigation: our after-sales team will telephone user every half year in warranty period to follow up the working condition of the products, and to discover problem and solve the problem instantly.
7. Software upgrade: lifelong maintenance of Traffic controlling system, incessant improvement on the system functions and unending software upgrades, After the completion of the project, we will conduct life maintenance of the system continuously and perfect the system and update the and software. For the hardware equipment, we only collect expenses on components.
8. Site Instruction Service of installation is available.
Advice/Helpline: +86-18922866526  Email: sales@traffic-lights.cn

LED Traffic Lights Installation and Debugging:
1.If in Domestic, Our company will send professionals to conduct site installation and debugging in strict accordance with the requirements of the schemes and the original manual. If there is any special situation, it is necessary to make changes of part installation scheme, we will coordinate with users. Our company will ensure the consistence of completion time and contracted time. If because of nature or other reason of users, the two parts will discuss and solve the problems.
2. In oversea, if the customer needs, Can send our engineers, but customers need to bear some standard travel expenses

Customer training programs and details:
Training content
Chevy Light Co., Ltd. have complete training system to provide the free training for the buyer. After the systematic training, so that the buyer can operate the Traffic Control system skilled and be able to handle some of the basic fault. Customer training and on-site basic training is divided into two stages of training, training about 2-3 people. Customers will be assigned with a mid-level titles and years of experience as a professional engineer trainers. The performance of equipment, structural principles, maintenance and management of technical and practical explanations, the buyer can master the operation of methods and techniques to ensure safe operation after the completion of the training. ChevyLight is responsible for training technical personnel have a variety of contingency plans for the opening of the relevant steps, operations such as technology, to provide buyer with a detailed "training program schedule".

Traffic Signal Light Basic Training :
Be carried out in the company, the main details included:
Basic knowledge of computer
Windows operation
Traffic Signal Light Basic working principle
Traffic Control System Operating procedures and management systems
Traffic Signal Light Daily system maintenance and safety precautions
Traffic Signal Light Site Training Courses
The engineer in ChevyLight will conduct on-site the buyer and technical personnel training, teaching Traffic controller system operation, maintenance and what they should do, to enable operators to master the operation of methods and techniques to ensure the safe operation of the normal after the completion of master plans for various emergency. The opening of the relevant steps, operation and other related technology.
The main content is included:
Traffic Control System Software Installation
Daily maintenance of displayed information
To deal with the simple failure, Training place at the construction site, training content together with the system installation and debugging, the system operator to participate in system installation and debugging of hardware and software.

Traffic Signal Light Training Table:




Reference file



First stage

Day one

Basic knowledge of LED, basic working principle of Traffic Light

Parameter, Specification


Day one

Understanding of Traffic Signal, Traffic Control system

Software Manual, Parameter


Day one

The understanding of programming skills and functional

Software Manual


Day one

Trafic Lights  operation manual

Fama operation manual


Day one

Traffic Signal Lights  installation manual

Fama installation manual



Second stage

Day two

Repairing and maintance of Traffic Lights

Fama operation manual


Day two

Debugging study

Fama operation manual


Day two

Daily maintenance of the software and hardware troubleshooting

Fama operation manual


Day three

Summary and assessment questions and answers to close down

Quality control documents


Service flow:


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