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300mm solar Single-side LED Traffic Light
Material de Shell::T=1.5 cold-rolled sheet
Voltaje del trabajo:12V DC
LED Cantidad:Red(120pcs),Yellow(120pcs),Green(90pcs)

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Product functions and features:

1.Solar supply, low power consumption.
2.Novel design with beautiful appearance.
3.Mobile, easy to use.
4.Long viewing distance.
5.Long lifespan.
6.Multi-layer sealed and waterproof.
7.Exclusive optical lensing and good color uniformity.
8.Large viewing angle.
9.Controlled by build-in intelligent controller.

Technical parameters:

Technical ParametersProduct's electrical parameters

Red LED:120Pcs, intensity of each LED:5500~7200mcd,
wavelength:625±5nm, visual angle:30° Power:≤5W

Maximum output power of solar panel:60W

Yelllow LED:120Pcs, intensity of each LED:5500~9300mcd,
wavelength:590±5nm, visual angle:30°, Power:≤5W

Solar peak current:3.5A
Green LED:90Pcs,intensity of each LED:6105~11970mcd,
wavelength:505±5nm, visual angle:30°, Power:≤5W
Output Voltage of the Solar Panel:18V
Material of the Housing:T=1.5 Cold-rolled PlateService life of solar panel:≥10years
Operational Temperature Range:-25℃~+60℃Capacity of Lead-acid Storage Battery:11.1AH/11.1V*2
Mode of working: constant voltage
Normal service life of battery:≥2 years
MTBF:≥10000 HWorking Mode:continuous
IP grade:IP54Working Voltage:12V
Size of the Product:2500mm*1000mm*600mm

Inside Diagram:

Technical requirements :

1. Adopts two rounds of connecting rod hard drawing pull-type, the top speed of shipping should not less than 30 km/h (city general road), tandem technology requirements in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state and need to provide Inspection data.
2. Standard fasteners, hardware parts adopt stainless steel or aluminum processing; each light has independent module structure and can be combined into many lamp structures. Circuit and key parts are waterproof design and the silicone seal protection.
3. The fixture uses hot-galvanized cold-rolled plate of 2mm thick and is processed by high-precision digital control machine to ensure high strength, high-precision, evenness and stability. It also adopts electrostatic spray technology to avoid influence of sunshine, rain, snow, salty and alkali gases, dust, erosion and so on.
4. Working time will be not less than 120 hours at rainy day. Charging controller adopts constant current charging mode, which equips with automatic protection circuit for overcharge and over discharge.
5. Light source adopts imported chip four-element super brightness LED, LED branch current is no more than 15 mA while viewing angles are more than 30 degrees. The LED brand, model number, place of origin and technical parameters must be indicated in the tender documents.
6. Signal light controller can automatically reduce the brightness function at night.
7. Other technical requirements should keep up with the GB14887-2011 and GB2528-2010 standard

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