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Pedestrian Cross Button

Model :   

Housing Material :cold-rolled steel
Voltage  : AC220V/DC24V/DC12V
Temperature : -40℃~+80℃
Certificates : ISO9001, ISO14001

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Pedestrian crossing buttons is a new pedestrian crossing requesting device, the button mounted on both sides of the crosswalk, pedestrians by pressing 
the button to signal Crossing trigger signal and the reception signal for the pedestrian crossing trigger signal, the signal's internal settings appropriately 
change the current traffic light color state, thus Achieve safe passage for pedestrians pass the road.
The product is made of high strength casing and high quality components, so waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-surge, anti-lightning and anti-static.
Fama through rigorous manufacturing and testing process, Ensure that products safe and reliable operating in harsh environments ,

Technical parameters

Working voltage: DC12V
Operating Temperature:一40℃一80℃



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