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New Style Integrated Frame Advertisement Pedestrian Light
Material de Shell::Cold-rolled Steel
Voltaje del trabajo:110V / 220V AC
LED Cantidad:Countdown:64pcs
Certificados:CE(LVD,EMC), GB14887-2011,IP55

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New Style Integrated Frame Advertisement Pedestrian Light composition by pedestrian lights, the blind bell, led display, advertising plastic light boxes, display control card, and the cabinet.



  1. Low power consumption
  2. With novel structure and nice appearance
  3. Large view angle
  4. Long service life
  5. Multi-layer sealed to be water and dust proof
  6. Unique optical system and even-distributed chromaticity
  7. Long-distance visibility

Keep up with GB/14887-2003 and relevant international standard

2.Main Parameters

  1. Red Light Core:168 LED,Unit Intensity:3500~5000mcd,

Wavelength:625±5nm,L/R/U/D View Angle:30°,Power Consumption:≤15W。

  1. Yellow Light Core:170 LED,Unit Intensity:4000~6000mcd,              

Wavelength:590±5nm,L/R/U/D View Angle:30°,Power Consumption:≤15W。

  1. Red Countdown Timer :64 LED,Unit Intensity:3500~5000mcd,

Wavelength:625±5nm,L/R/U/D View Angle:30°,Power Consumption:≤8W。

  1. Green Countdown Timer:64个LED,Unit Intensity:7000~10000mcd,

Wavelength: 505±5nm,L/R/U/D View Angle:30°,Power Consumption:≤10W。

  1. Green Light Core:168个LED,Unit Intensity:7000~10000mcd,

Wavelength:505±5nm,L/R/U/D View Angle:30°,Power Consumption:≤15W。

    • Operating Ambient Temperature:-25℃~+60℃
    • Humidity:-20%~+95%
    • LED Average Service Life:≥100000 Hours
    • Work Voltage:AC220V±15%,50Hz±3Hz
    • Housing Material:T=1.5 Cold-rolled Steel 
    • IP Grade:IP55
    • MTBF:≥10000 Hours
    • Wind Resistance Capacity:40m/s
    • Housing Size:3500mm*360mm*120mm

    3.Installation Size

    3.1. Structure of the Housing 
    The housing uses hot-galvanizing cold-rolled plate of 1.5mm thick and is processed by high-precision numerical control machine to ensure high strength, high-precision, evenness and stability. It also adopts electrostatic spray technology to prevent sunshine, rain, snow, salty and alkali gases, dust, erosion and so on.

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