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7.2M Integrated frame Lighting Pole
MaterialsQ235 or Q345
CertificationsCE, ISO9001

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Traffic light pole is a kind of traffic facility.The integrative traffic light pole can combine traffic sign and signal light.The pole is widely used in traffic system.Pole can design and produce to different length and specification according the actual demands.
The material of pole is very high quality steel.The corrosion proof way can be hot galvanizing;thermal plastic spraying;thermal aluminum spraying.
The traffic signal light installs in the frame type lamp pole,with concise appearance and compact structure.Embedded traffic signal lights.

Lamp pole technical parameters:
Pole Height: 6800~7500mm
Cantilever Length: 6000mm~14000mm
Main Pole: 150*250mm rectangular tube, 5~10mm thick
Cantilever: 100*200mm rectangular tube, 4~8mm thick
Pole Body: round structure, hot galvanizing, no rusted in 20 years (spray painting and colors are optional)
Diameter of Surface Shiled: Φ200mm/Φ300mm/Φ400mm
Wave Length: Red (625±5nm),Yellow(590±5nm),Green(505±5nm)
Working Voltage: 85-265V AC,12V/24V DC
Power Rating: <17W per unit
Light Lifespan: ≥50000 hours
Working Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
IP Grade: IP55

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