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Project at San Antonio, Paraguay 2018


Project at San Antonio, Paraguay 2018. Used Fama Traffic Products include 200/300mm RYG Full Ball Traffic Light ( Yellow Light with Timer Built-in ), 300mm RYG Arrow Traffic Light ( Yellow Arrow with Timer Built-in ), 200mm LED Pedestiran Traffic Light with Countdown Timer, LED Underground Pedestrian Light etc...

FAMA TRAFFIC products domestic sales throughout 33 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in more than 300 cities, with tens of thousands of users; Overseas sales and exports to more than 150 countries, more than 20,000 traffic projects, and with Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, the United States, Spain, Russia, India, Honduras, Nigeria and so on National companies have established a good agency partnership, every day, dozens of new overseas projects to install FAMA to provide transportation products..

As a main manufacturer and exporter in ITS industry, FAMA Traffic always devote ourselves in providing equipment, technology and services in traffic signals, lamp poles and traffic controllers. Please feel free to contact us once you need any information from us.

led traffic light
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