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400mm Solar Warning LED Light
Model :SSG400-3-FM11(TYPE04)

Housing Material:

GE UV resistance PC

Working Voltage:







CE EN12368 GB14887-2011 IP55

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Solar traffic lights are powered by solar energy and thus more environmentally-friendly. The control system for transforming light into electricity is extremely effective.To include is that the perfect storage battery can protect the circuit and effectively prolong the service life of the battery.
Let's start saving energy and cost from choosing one of the following solar traffic lights that interests you from FAMA(Original Chevy Light CO., LTD ).

Product functions and features:

1.Novel design with beautiful appearance 
2.Low power consumption 
3.Light efficiency and brightness 
4.Large viewing angle 
5.long lifespan-more than 80,000 hours 
6.Multi-layer sealed and waterproof 
7.Exclusive optical lensing and good color uniformity 
8.Long viewing distance 
9.Keep up with CE, GB14887-2007, ITE ,EN12368 and relevant international standards

Technical parameters:

Technical ParametersProduct's electrical parameters
Red LED :8Pcs    Maximum output power of solar panel:0.8W
Power:≤0.3WSolar peak current:0.15A
Operational Temperature Range:-40℃~+80℃Service life of solar panel:≥10years
Outer material:PCCapacity of Lead-acid Storage Battery:3AH/3.2V
Visibility:≥500mNormal service life of battery:≥2 years
IP rade:IP55Working Voltage:3.2V
Size of the Product:390mm*100mmConsecutive rainy workday:≤15days



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