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Replacement Projects


LED traffic lights can be used for different purposes.

We may use LED traffic lights at new road intersections or for replacement projects. Some lights can be applied in toll stations and parking lots. Some lights are specially designed for highways or other places. The products are classified based on these different places applied.

LED traffic lights for Replacement Projects

Products used for replacement projects mainly include LED traffic light cores. Our traffic light cores are compatible with traffic light housings of different countries and easy for replacement.


How we can save money by replacing old bulbs with LED-based modules?
1. Let’s compare the associated cost of the red incandescent bulb with red LED-based modules. Let’s assume that one LED-based module costs 50 USD and one incandescent bulbis 3 USD.
The table below shows that the associated cost of LED-based modules is 80% less than incandescent bulb.

Table- LED vs incandescent Cost (7-Year Total Cost)

LED-based Module

incandescent bulb

Life Span



Unit Price



Annual energy consumption    (kWh)



7-year energy consumption    (kWh)



Energy cost (15 cents    USD/kWh)



Bulb Replacement Cost



Bulb Replacement Labor Cost
                 (30/hr,15min per    bulb)



Disposal Fee
                 (Only for incandescent bulb, 1.25 per bulb )



Total Cost



2. Let’s assume there is a city with around 400,000 people. There are 300 intersections and each intersection uses 24 lights. If all the bulbs are of 100 Watts, we would have 7,200 bulbs working at least 8 hours daily, 365 days per year. For this example, in just 7 years, the saving would be nearly $4,000,000 USD. 


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