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Wireless Intelligent Solar Traffic Signal Controller



Housing Material:

Cold-rolled Steel 

Working Voltage:





CE(LVD, EMC) , EN12368, ISO9001, ISO14001, IP55

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Product Functions and Technical Features:

1.Working voltage range: 10V-30V DC.

2.Low power consumption (master controller/salve controller: 
3.less than 1W under 12V dc while 1.5W under 24V dc)
4.Adopt 1pc master controller with 8pcs salve controller maximum.
5.Each master controller/salve controller has 11 outputs channels maximum (4 control phases)
6.Over-voltage protection for master controller/slave controller,, the power supply will shut down when input is over 36V.
7.CPU control and driving output adopt modular design, easy maintenance and repair; CPU adopts MCU chips from US, with build-in watch-dog circuit to assure its stability.
8.Driving output adopts MOSFET(40mΩ low internal resistance MOS type), low consumption, separate fuse on each phase.
9.Wireless communication adopts ISM frequency band, no need for permission.
10.Wireless data transmission adopts GFSK modulation mode.
11.Wireless communication has 8 channels for option, to avoid same frequency interference among controllers.
12.The communication distance can reach 600m between master controller and slave controllers, junctions less than 600mcan be controlled by one master controller.
13.The master controller adopts same frequency interference measuring ability, it can monitor if the same frequency interference signal exists or not.
14.The master controller has password-setting function, to avoid any illegal modification.
15.The controller can set up 255 IDs maximum, to make sure no interference occurs among various controllers in the same information channel.
16.The master controller and slave controller have auto-degrading function while in serial communication failure, and auto-recovery function when the communication is on while in degrading state.
17.Adopt wireless remoter controller for setting and operation.
18.With the remoter , monitoring the communication status among controllers and battery voltage status of the master controller and slave controller.
19.The remote controller carry out  Tekin functions like yellow flashing, all red, manual and specified phase green light.
20.32 working menus available(number 1-30 can be set freely), apply them at any interval.
21.Set the working mode of yellow flashing or power off during night.

22.16 working plans maximum can be set each day, multiple weekday plans and weekend plans.

Technical parameter:


 Technical Parameter

 Working Voltage

DC12/24V(Compliant Automatically)

No-load Power of Hosts and Auxiliary

<1W(@DC12)& <1.5W(@DC24)

Over-current Protect Value


 Communication Mode of Hosts and Auxiliary


 Wireless Communication Modulation Style


Wireless Communication Frequency


 Wireless Communication Baud Rate


 Wireless Transmit Power


Wireless Communication Distance


Time and Sequence of Motor Light Runs

All Red (can be set)→Green→Green Flashing(can be set)→Yellow→Red

Time and Sequence of Pedestrian Light Runs

All Red (can be set)→Green→Green Flashing(can be set)→Red

Rated Drive Current for Each Output


Resistance to Surge Current for Each Output


The Largest Independent Output Channel of Hosts or Auxiliary


The Largest Independent Output Phase of Hosts or Auxiliary


              Collocation way (one unit)

Hosts Quantity


Auxiliary QuantityCollocated by  Crossing


The Menu can be Adjustable


Menu can be set by user(Operational Phase Timing Plan)


               The Steps can be set per Menu


The Maximum Duration can be set every day


The timing setting range for single step


The setting range for all red settling time


The setting range for yellow settling time


            The setting range for green flashing


Working Temperature


Working Condition Relative Humidity


Save option schemewhen power off

10 years

Time Error

Year error<2.5minutes(in the condition of 25±1℃)

                                                Box Size


solar-wireless (1).jpg

Product functions and features:

2.Time and Week, precision to the second. Maximum deviation in 150 seconds.

2.Set and save relevant data of transition steps (all red/amber flashing etc.).
3.Set and save different time-intervals of green-light programs on workday and holiday.
4.Multi-menu date set and save. (Set and save multi-menu data).
5.The remoter can transmit the data to the traffic controller with wired RS485/RS232 or wireless mode, then detect the feedback signal from the controller, with displaying. 
6.Success or Failure on its interface.
7.When communication between remoter and PC processing, date from PC will be sent to the remoter, after receiving the data, the remoter will return the ACK signal to the upper computer, the data will be saved to the relevant EEPROM after processing and then transmitted to the controller with wired or wireless mode by the remoter.

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