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44 Output Networking Intelligent Traffic Signal Controller



Housing Material:

Cold-rolled Steel 

Working Voltage:

85-265V AC 




CE(LVD, EMC) , EN12368, ISO9001, ISO14001, IP55

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Product Functions and Technical Features:

1. Built-in central control system to ensure work stability.
2. Easy for maintenance and function extension by modular design.
3. Input  AC110V and AC220V, Can be changed by the switch.
4. Adopt RS-232 or LAN port to communicate with upper computer.
5. 2*48 Work periods for workday and holiday setting.
6. 32 working menus used for any period(among 1~30 numbers customs can set it by themselves).
7. The flashing state, frequency and time of each green signal light can be setup or adjusted.
8. Yellow flashing or close the signal can be setup at night.
9. Can modify the current pace of running time in the running state immediately.
10. Full red, yellow flashing, step by step manual,jump in the manual,remote manual function(optional).
11. Be equipped with the hardware fault testing function(Red Light fails,Green lights up test),down grade to Yellow flash status and cut down the Red&Green light power supply when the fault happens.(Optional)
12. The output part adopts zero-test technology,Change of state is zero state switch in communication,Make the drive more safe and reliable.
13. Each output all the way with independent lightning protection circuit.
14. Installation testing capabilities,can test to confirm installation correctness for each lamp when installation at intersection.
15. The clients can set up 30 menu to be backup and recovery .
16. The setup software can operation on the computer offline,Project data can be stored on the computer and can be copied.

Technical specifications:

ItemTechnical Parameter
Executive StandardGB25280-2010
Working VoltageAC110V/220V±20%(changed by switch)
Working Frequency47Hz~63Hz
No-load power≤15W
Each Output Drive Capability2A
The whole controller rated load power2200W
Surge current in each way≥100A
The largest output channel independently44
The largest output way independently16
Working menus32
Can be setup menus number30
The largest number of each menus32
The largest number of timers in each day24
Running time in each step1~255S
Full red transition time 0~5S
Yellow light transition time0~9S
Green flashing time0~9S
Working Temperature-40℃~+80℃
Relative Humidity<98%
Setting Plan Saving Time(The electricity was turned off)10 years
Time ErrorYear error<2.5 minutes(in the condition of 25±1℃)
Inner Cabinet Dimension472.6*215.3*500mm
Outer Cabinet Dimension1250*630*280mm

network traffic controller

Signal Controller Wiring Diagram network traffic signal controller

The traffic intersection

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